Topographical Surveys

Topographical surveys are what we do, day in, day out, meaning we carry out fast and accurate surveys, producing high quality drawings and plans with sites ranging from back gardens to those covering hundreds of acres. These surveys ensure that you and your client fully understand the site, the  surroundings, topography and what it can ultimately be used for.

A topographical survey can be used to calculate the volume of material required to be removed from site before works are carried out, as well as linking straight into flood risk, contamination, utilities and OS plan data. Our skilled survey team works throughout the UK using specifications that have been tailor made by the clients, ensuring no aspect of detail is missed and surveys are always performed to RICS standards or better and tied in to the National Grid as a standard.

By using the most up to date surveying technology on offer, we are able to produce highly detailed plans covering large areas in double quick time. At our disposal we have Leica Total Stations, SmartNet GPS, Topcon GPS Base Stations and Rovers and a Faro 3D Laser Scanner. So we really are able to tailor our specifications to suit your needs and provide you with the detail you need in the timescales required.