Project Description

Eakring Substation is also used as a test centre for National Grid, and was to be the site to test a newly designed pylon structure by installing a 1km length of test route. As the site was under National Grid control and a working electric substation, the surveyor on-site had to be BESC trained, in this case to work on overhead power lines.

The first task we were given was to generate and set out the six proposed pylon locations, in order to allow ground investigation works to be performed in those areas. A survey swath of 50 either side of the line was able to be measured. This was done using a Topcon Base Station and Rover that has been tied to the Ordnance Survey National Grid.

Once this had been completed, we were then commissioned to perform a full 3D survey of all the fields that were to be crossed, as well as the access track through the National Grid site, so as to work out how to get the drilling rigs etc. onto the site safely. This was to cover an area of 270200m².