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Floor to ceiling, Top to bottom

Whether it be a private house, historic building, large commercial or industrial premises or a sports stadium, we can supply accurate floor plans, elevations and internal area calculations on site using advanced software and calculations. The plans can also be drawn up on-site using advanced software and sent to the client, resulting in fewer site visits and minimal office time, a cost saving that can be passed on to you.

As a standard we include ceiling height, windows, floor to sill to head heights, door heights, floor levels and sanitary locations. The use of these plans can be varied and numerous, including applications such as:

  • Lease plans
  • Street Scene Elevations
  • Verticality Surveys
  • Internal Volume Calculations
  • Internal Organisation of Warehouses.
We can also scan interiors with our 3D Laser Scanner to produce internal elevations, sections or point clouds. This technology also allows for surveys to be undertaken in dark or difficult to access areas of the site.