Control Networks Monitoring

We offer fully adjusted control networks and control stations, adjusted to millimeter accuracy, which allows for precise stations to be in place throughout the construction procedure. These can be produced using traditional Total Stations and traverse methods and Least Squares calculations. Or, if the site stretches over a vast area, or is separated by a feature such as a river, we are able to offer Post processing GPS. This can be done to millimetre accuracy by  collecting GPS observations using a static receiver. By using our software and the Ordnance Survey Network of receivers around the country, a 3D position can then be accurately calculated. This can save time and money by cutting out lengthy traverses which can also be inherently inaccurate.

In the production of our control networks, we are also able to use traditional levelling techniques between the points for further accuracy. Smartnet control also allows us to easily re-establish, to centimetre accuracy, any control points which are moved accidentally during works.

We are also able to set up accurate control networks that are easily replicated over and over again, so as to measure  any deformation or movement. This was used in a recent monitoring project on behalf of RoC Consulting, for measuring the possible movement of a retaining wall. Due to the fact a good methodology was set up at the first visit, we were able to complete the control network in exactly the same manner at every visit. Therefore, we can be sure that any difference in the measured values is due to the wall moving rather than inaccurate survey work.