3D Laser Scanning

We believe that surveying is not just about measurements and recording physical  data, but continues all the way to the final presentation. This is where Site Surveying can make all the difference. We can make your entire survey come to life. Utilising the latest in scanning technology, namely our own Faro 3D Laser Scanner ,we are able to produce highly detailed point clouds ideal for use in scan to BIM projects.

These can be delivered in a variety of file formats, such as Leica PTS, Pointools POD or Ascii XYZ files etc. We can also use these point clouds in house to draw up 2D elevations complete with ortho-rectified images in CAD. By using a Laser Scanner for the site works, we can always be assured that we have not missed any detail and we are able to draw all aspects of stonework, quoins, window glazing and any other detail that may be required. Some of the benefits of using a laser scanner include:

  • Survey is possible in dark areas or at night.
  • Supply complicated, high level detail data for steelwork, restoration, repair or conservation projects.
  • Cut down on-site time if access is for a limited duration.
  • No need for returns to site if further detail required as everything is scanned at first visit.
  • Able to drape facade photos over the elevations to aid visualisations of the detail.
We can also scan interiors with our 3D Laser Scanner to produce internal elevations, sections or point clouds. This technology also allows for surveys to be undertaken in dark or difficult to access areas of the site.